What to Do When the Brother Printer Prints But Won’t Scan?

Brother printers are available in different sizes with various specifications. New Brother printers also offer scanning and fax features. The user can access the same device for printing and scanning. Whenever you require a scanner, you can easily use the printer for that task. But few users reported that the Brother printer won’t scan to computer. The printing service is working correctly but the scanning process is showing errors. The user should inspect for the causes and then repair the printer device.

How do I get my Brother printer to scan to my computer?

Using the scan feature on the Brother printer is very simple. You can access the scanning service on the printer and work reliably.

  1. On the Settings page, choose Devices folder
  2. Tap on Printers & Scanners
  3. Hit the Brother printer
  4. Tap on the Manage button
  5. You will get different options
  6. Choose Scanner option
  7. Hit on Open Scanner
  8. A scanner window will appear 
  9. Insert the page on the feeder
  10. The page should be aligned correctly
  11. Hit on the Scan button
  12. The scan will appear on the screen

Now you have to save the scan on the PC. File will be saved with . PNG extension. Now the user accesses the document on PC. But many users reported that they are using the correct method but the Brother printer won t scan to computer. The user has to inspect for errors and fix the issues.

Common causes behind Brother printer will print but not scan

  1. Error on printer connection
  2. Issues on Brother printer’s scanning driver
  3. The IP address is not correct
  4. The firewall is interrupting scanning service
  5. You have malware on the commanding deice

Resolving Brother scanner won’t connect to PC

Inspect the Brother printer connection

Many times, your device shows errors due to printer connection errors. Go to the Brother printer and check its LCD screen. If the screen is blank then the printer is either on sleep mode or not connected. Eject the connection cable and reconnect it. Now check the Brother printer screen. If the Brother printer shows ready status; now try to take a scan with your printer.

Inspect the printer connection

While using the printer for scanning on the network; you need a peer-to-peer network. When the scanning feature is not working then inspect the Brother scan check connection. In the network, the scanning feature is available to the server but not to the client’s PCs. Go to the printer and check the settings.

  1. Go to Printer Properties
  2. Select Print Test Page

In case the printer is not working then hit Cannot print from my printer via network option and set connect the printer to the client’s PC. Once the printer gets connected, you can try using it for scanning purposes.

Inspect the IP address of the Brother printer

Whenever you get a Brother scanner not connecting to PC error then check for its IP address. You can find the IP address of the printer on the network configuration list. The user has to get the printout of the network configuration.  

  1. Go to Brother printer and hit on the menu 
  2. Choose Pinter Reports
  3. Tap on Network Config
  4. Hit on the OK and choose the Start 

Tap on Stop Button and your Brother device will give you a network configuration printout. In case it shows then wait a minute and retry to use the printer. 

Inspect scanner driver and set the IP address

Scanning issues can appear when the driver is not working correctly. When the driver is in error, the Brother printer won’t scan. Open PC and go to Control Panel

  1. Go to Devices and Printers
  2. Select View Scanners and Cameras option
  3. Tap on Scanner and hit on Properties button
  4. On the UAC screen, select the Continue button 
  5. For admin devices, enter the prin
  6. Select the OK button and open Network Setting tab

Hit on the Specify your machine by address option and enter the IP address. After setting the IP address, go to the Brother printer and scan a document.

Inspect the Firewall

When the printer is connected to the network, users may get scanning issues due to the firewall. This tool inspects all the activities of devices on the network. Sometimes it can suspect the scanning feature as malicious and block it. For troubleshooting this error, the user needs to disable the firewall. Go to  System and Security option. Tap on Windows firewall and then click on Network & Sharing Center. Choose the Network location option and hit View your active networks. Tap on the Control Panel option and tap on Windows Firewall. Now select Turn Firewall on or off. Hit on Turn Off Windows Firewall option. Now go to the printer and check the Brother printer not scanning error. 

Adjust the firewall settings on the network

Working on a network without a firewall can be malicious. But sometimes the firewall starts interrupting the printer. You can make some adjustments to its settings and then use the firewall. 

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Tap on the System and Security page
  3. Select Windows Firewall
  4. Hit on Network and Sharing Center
  5. Go to View your Active Networks tab
  6. Check the network location
  7. Reopen the Control panel and hit on Windows firewall
  8. Choose Advanced settings and tap on Inbound Rules
  9. Tap on New Rule and hit on Port 
  10. Tap the Next button and choose UDP, Specific local ports
  11. Type the entry and select the Next button
  12. Select Allow option and tap on the Next button
  13. On network location, check the profile and hit the Next

Provide the description on the box and select the Finish button. Now set Brother scan to PC. Take the document and try scanning it from your Brother printer.

Run a malware scan on the PC

Your Brother printer scan to pc not working can occur due to malware infection. When the connected PC has viruses, it can’t configure the printer correctly. The printer takes the scan but it can’t send it to the PC. Whenever the driver tries to open the scanning function, viruses start interrupting it. If the system has lots of malware then the Brother printer won t scan. Run a good antivirus that can easily remove all the viruses and harmful malware. Once the device becomes virus-free; it can communicate with the printer easily and then you can use the printer as a scanner easily.

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