How to Repair Brother Printer Not Connecting to Wifi Error?

Brother is a famous Japanese printer brand name. This brand is known for providing robust devices at good prices. New Brother printer models have Wi-Fi connectivity features. The user can connect the printer using a cable or cableless. If you are using the printer on a PC only then you can connect it using a cable. It provides better speed with easy installation. But when you want to connect one Brother device with a phone or other devices; use a wireless connection. At home, you can also connect the printer to the router. The user can share the Brother printer on the network. But sometimes the Brother printer won’t connect to Wifi and start showing the error. The user has to check issues that can get the printer error.

Why is my Brother printer not connecting to wifi?

  1. The printer Wi-Fi button is disabled
  2. The router is not working
  3. WPS is not available on the router
  4. Brother printer driver is not working
  5. You don’t have Brother software
  6. The firewall is interrupting the printing process

Fixing Brother printer not connecting error

Restart the Brother printer

When the printer shows a connecting error then restart it. The connection can get interrupted when some printer services stop working. For starting these services, you have to restart the Brother printer. Go to the printer and eject the electricity cord. Your Brother printer will start automatically when you reconnect the cord. All printer services will start working and now try to connect the device to Wi-Fi.

Check the router device

The printer gets a connection error when the Brother printer stuck on connecting WLAN. You can face this error if the router is not working correctly. Go to the router device and restart it. Now try connecting other gadgets like phones to the router. If no device is connecting; your router is not working. Repair the router or get a new router device. Also, check for the WPS pin. The brother printer wont connect to Wifi if the WPS pin is not working. 

Check for the printer driver

Many times the printer is on the network but the Brother printer says not connected. Connection error appears when the user doesn’t have the Brother driver on your computer. For using the Brother printer on the network, you need the correct driver. Check the model of your Brother printer and then search its driver software on the web. Now install the on PC and then check for the Brother printer connection. If you have the Brother software but still an error is appearing then check its update. Install Brother software updates and then check printer connection. Use a repair tool that can fix printer related files on the PC. Otherwise, you can reinstall the driver and then use the printer.

Check the Wi-Fi on both devices

You will get Brother printer WiFi not working error if the Wi-Fi of any one device is not working. Check Brother printer and disable the Wi-Fi button. Now go to the router and restart WPS. On the printer, press the Wi-Fi button and check the lamp. On the Brother printer screen, choose the network name for the connection. After selecting the name, the printer will show connected status. Take the network configuration printout; check the printer’s status and network SSID. When the details are correct; take your printouts easily.

Disable firewall on the PC

The printer shows a network connection when you are using it for scanning on the network. The printer works correctly on the network for printing. But when the user tries to use the scanner service; it shows a Brother printer connecting WLAN stuck error. If the printing function is working but scanning is not working on the network then check for a firewall. When the printer sends a scanning command, the firewall suspects it as malicious. Your firewall blocks the network and then the printer stops working. Check the PC for an inbuilt or personal firewall. Disable the firewall and then reconnect Brother printer to the device. Now check the printer connection status. 

Reset and reconfigure your Brother printer

Brother printer won t connect to WiFi due to invalid settings. Many times, the user makes a few invalid settings on the printer. It disables the printer Wi-Fi connection function. You have to undo the Brother printer settings. Go to the printer and change the settings to the default one. If you don’t remember the default Brother printer settings then reset the printer. You can go for factory reset and all changes will be reverted. 

  1. Go to the printer and check the screen
  2. Tap on Initial setup
  3. Click on the Reset option and choose Factory Reset

A reset warning message will be displayed. Select Yes and the printer device will be factory reset. Now the user has to configure the printer to network like the first time. On the WPS connection, start the printer device and enable the Wi-Fi button. Check the network list and choose the name. Enter the password for connecting for the first time After the connection, the printer shows connected status. On PC, click on Printers and Scanners. Select Add new device option and check the printer list. Choose the Brother printer and enter the printer password. After the Brother printer connection, take the printouts.

Run malware scan

The user should run a malware scan if the printer is not working. Many times, the printer connection gets interrupted due to malware. When the PC tries to make a connection, the virus immediately interrupts it. You can’t fix the connection error until you remove all malware. Run an anti-malware scan to remove the threats. Now try to connect the printer to Wi-Fi. 

Run printer troubleshooter

If you are taking printouts and connection error appears automatically then run the printer troubleshooter. You can get errors when some printer files get corrupted. Fixing those corrupted printer files manually is difficult. Even if you detect corrupted files; you can’t repair them manually. On PC, run the printer troubleshooter and it will fix those files. Now restart the device and then check for your Brother printer connection error. If the Brother printer not connected then check other solutions.

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