Does McAfee Scanner Service Slowing Computer?

McAfee is a top antivirus brand which has a good name for offering a good number of protection features. It creates a layer of protection for your device and network. The powerful McAfee scan removes all existing malware from your device. This antivirus also provides real-time scanning which means if a virus tries to enter in your device; McAfee will detect the virus and restricts it from entering in the device. But may McAfee people reported that McAfee Slowing down Computer. Well, this is not fully true; the slowing down of your computer can have various other reasons. But if you are one of them and feeling that McAfee Slows Computer to a crawl then you should check the reasons behind this issue.

Here are the reasons which make McAfee Slowing Computer issue:

McAfee is a reliable antivirus however like all other software programs; it also has some system impacts. Every software program needs device resources to execute so do McAfee. McAfee also provides features such as automatic updates or full system scan for ensuring your device is safe. However, these features can sometimes slow down your device speed.

Full System Scan

McAfee scans your whole device; it takes a lot of time so you should preferably perform full system scan at night. Thought it is scanning process but it still takes a good amount of processor power. It scans whole files of your device. But if you want to speed up the scanning process then you should consider defragmenting the drive.

Inadequate Hardware

If you are working on old devices then you can often get this issue. If the Computer gets Slow after Installing McAfee then you are possibly facing space issue. McAfee antivirus requires at least 512 MB RAM for executing. If your device is short of space or free hard disk space then facing speed issue is common.

Automatic Scan

McAfee provides automatic scan which ensures you that your device is fully protected all the time. For scanning your device; McAfee will need device resources which may sometimes slowdowns the device.

How to fix McAfee Making Computer Slow issue?

If you are facing the same error and troubling that why McAfee slowing down my PC then try a few easy tips for boosting the device speed. Here we have mentioned some common ways for preventing system slowing down issues.

• McAfee real-time protection works actively which means it is eating up your RAM constantly. To avoid this chaos, you can enable it only when you are working in a suspicious environment.

• Preventing McAfee at device startup can help to boost the speed.

  1. Go to the start menu
  2. Type msconfig and hit the enter button
  3. Now search for McAfee and uncheck all the boxes related to McAfee

• Provide scan to your device once in a day. Disable the automatic scan feature and run the scan when needed.

Increase the RAM and hard disk 

Your antivirus on any installed program will start running slowly if your device is dealing with low hard disk and RAM. You need to increase the RAM and hard disk on your device. Add the RAM and use the SSD for the hard disk. Now run McAfee antivirus and check the performance. If you can’t increase the RAM then delete all the unnecessary processes from the background. For increasing the free disk space on the system; delete the large files and unnecessary programs. Go to the drive and check for the large files like movies, videos, series, etc. Delete those files from your device and you will get a good amount of free hard drive space. Now delete unnecessary files from your device by following the given steps:

  1. Open your Windows PC
  2. Go to the Programs folder
  3. Click on Programs and Files
  4. Search for the program you want to delete
  5. Right-click on it and tap the Uninstall button

You may need to follow a few on-screen instructions. Now restart your device and run the McAfee scanner service. Check whether your device speed increased or not.

Delete the junk from your system

The performance of your device can get affected due to the junk accumulated on your device. These files use your free disk space and RAM. You should always remove all the junk from your system. On Windows PC, you can run the cleanup tool for removing temp files and other junk from the PC:

  1. Close the McAfee dashboard and other programs
  2. Press Windows and R keys from your keyboard
  3. Run bar will appear on the left corner of your desktop
  4. Type cmd and press the Enter button
  5. You may get the admin permission screen
  6. Click on Allow button
  7. Now your command screen will appear

Type cleanmgr on the black (command screen) and press the Enter button. The clean manager tool of Windows will scan your whole PC for the junk files. You need to wait for a while until the checkbox list appears on the screen. On the list, click on the temporary files, and other files you want to delete. Click on the OK button and the junk of your device will get removed. Now restart your computer and now you will experience good system performance.

Uninstall the third-party programs

Users often install many unreliable programs on the device like third-party games and editing software. These programs are easy to install and usually free. But the third-party programs can be very harmful to your system. These programs eat lots of disk space and keep the device occupied. Some malicious programs can also steal your data and monitor your activities. Never install any third-party programs on your device. When your device slows down, check for the malicious program on your device. If you have any third-party program then uninstall it from your device.

Update your OS and McAfee antivirus

When you are getting speed issues on your device then check for the OS updates. If a new update is available for your operating system then install it immediately. Now check for the McAfee update. Install the latest McAfee update and then restart your device. Run a McAfee scan on your system and check the speed. If your antivirus is still slowing down the system’s speed then you should contact the McAfee team for help.

With these methods, you will be able to increase your device speed. Trust your antivirus and keep your device safe from all harmful threats.

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