How to Get a Refund on McAfee Subscription Plan?

McAfee is a well-known antivirus program which can be referred to as one of the top antivirus suites available in the market. The exclusive features of this antivirus ensure the safety around your device and data. McAfee not only protects your data but also keep your OS and other software healthy. McAfee offers numerous plans to you which have various number features.

How to cancel McAfee automatic renewal

You should choose the plan according to the requirement of your device. But how to know which plan is perfect for your device? Well, McAfee offers a free trial for one month. You can try almost every suite of McAfee for a month. You can check the features whether they are necessary or not. Every suite offers various features but as you know you need security features according to your working style. So you should always purchase the suite which is most appropriate for you. After one month you have to buy McAfee suite in an account for continuing the services. For purchasing McAfee antivirus from online store; you have to enter your full details along with your credit card, debit card or net banking details. But there are times where you don’t want to continue the service and want to Cancel McAfee Subscription. When you cancel your McAfee subscription, your device will no longer under McAfee security. McAfee also provides automatic renewal service. Whenever your McAfee is about to get out of service; it automatically renews the subscription by deducting money from your bank account. Cancel McAfee Subscription get Refund may lead to out of service which means your device will not be secured anymore.

How to Cancel McAfee Subscription and get Refund quickly?

For McAfee Subscription Cancellation you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

i. Open your device
ii. Go to your web browser
iii. Visit McAfee website
iv. Log in to your McAfee account
v. Now go to subscription menu
vi. Click on cross “X” button next to the subscription menu to cancel McAfee Account.

Now reload the page and check whether the subscription gets disabled or not. If not and you are still wondering that How to Cancel McAfee Automatic Renewal service then you should simply call the McAfee Phone Number Cancel Subscription asking for canceling the subscription plan. The customer service team will help you out for canceling the service.

If your money has already deducted from your account and you want to get McAfee Refund then you can directly ask the customer service team. If you have canceled your subscription plan and get your McAfee Auto-Renewal Refund then you have to manually renew your McAfee every time it gets out of service. If you don’t renew your McAfee plan then your device may get under malware attack which can get you into the loss. If you are facing any kind of queries which taking to the customer support team then you can also get help from McAfee Refund Chat. You can quote your query and the team will provide you all possible solutions.

Cancel McAfee free trial before 30 days

McAfee antivirus provides a 30 days free trial in many plans. You can use the free trial with or without providing the payment details. If you haven’t entered the payment details then after 30 days, your free trial will expire and you need to purchase the subscription for using the premium tools. But when the user has entered the payment details then after 30 days, the McAfee antivirus will get subscripted for a year and the payment will appear on your account. If you don’t want to get the yearly license of your McAfee antivirus then you need to cancel the subscription within 30 days. Here are the steps to cancel the McAfee trial plan:

  1. Open your web browser and search for McAfee antivirus
  2. Go to the McAfee website and click on My Account
  3. McAfee login page will appear on the screen
  4. Click on Subscription
  5. Select your McAfee trial plan
  6. Click on the Cancel subscription button
  7. You will get a McAfee confirmation wizard on your screen
  8. Tap the Confirm button

You will also receive a confirmation message at your registered email address. Now your McAfee plan will not get a subscription. But sometimes users forget to cancel the subscription within 30 days and the plan gets subscribed. If you don’t want that plan for McAfee antivirus then go to your McAfee account and cancel the subscription within 30 days. After cancelling the subscription, contact the technical team for a McAfee refund. The technical team will check all the aspects and then you will get your refund on your account within a week.

Cancel McAfee auto-renewal and ask for the refund

McAfee auto-renewal service is not available for every McAfee plan. Go to the McAfee account and check whether your McAfee antivirus is applicable for auto-renewal or not. If yes then disable it to prevent auto-renewal. Your McAfee antivirus will get auto-renewed before the expiry date. To prevent automatic payment, go to the McAfee account and disable auto-renewal. Here are the steps for cancelling auto-renewal service:

  1. Open McAfee website
  2. Click on My Account and enter your credentials
  3. Go to your McAfee antivirus
  4. Click on the Auto-renewal tab
  5. Toggle the auto-renewal switch to Off
  6. A McAfee cancel permission screen will appear
  7. Tap on the Confirm button

Now the McAfee antivirus will not get renewed automatically.

Renew your McAfee antivirus manually

After cancelling the McAfee auto-renewal, your plan will get expired and you can’t use the premium tools. Now you can either upgrade your McAfee antivirus or get another security program. But, if you want to use the same McAfee antivirus plan then you need to renew the subscription. After cancelling the subscription, you can renew it manually. Open your McAfee dashboard and click on the Renew button. McAfee renewal webpage will appear on the screen. Click on the Renew option and provide the billing details. After completing the renewal process, you can use the McAfee premium tools easily. If you are facing any kind of error on the refund or renewal process then you can contact the technical team for help.

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