HP is famous for manufacturing PCs and other hardware devices. This company is also well-known for making robust and budget-friendly printer devices. These devices are easy to set up with any device. New HP printers are multi-functional, you can use a single HP device to take a print, fax, and scan. But some users reported that their HP Officejet pro 8600 won t turn on. Your HP printer can get this error due to several factors. Any hardware or even software error can get your printer into error.

Why wont my printer turn on?

  1. The power cable is loose 
  2. Some printer services are not working
  3. You are using a faulty cable
  4. Malware is corrupting printer functions
  5. The printer fuser gets overheated

Troubleshooting HP printer wont turn on error

Reconnect the power cable

Go to the printer, press the power button and remove the power cable. You have to wait until all the remaining power gets exhausted. After 10 seconds, reconnect the cable to the printer. Your HP printer must start automatically and then you can check for the error. If the power button is not blinking, eject the cable again and reconnect it. Now press the power button and check for the error. 

Check the power cord

My HP printer won t turn on if the cable is not working. Sometimes the power cable stops working and the printer shows shutting down issues. Go to the printer and remove the cable. Now check the cable ends for any damage. If the power cord is loose or faulty, replace it. Get a new power cord for the printer. Connect the power cable to the printer and now press the power button. The power lamp will become steady and now you can connect the HP printer to any device for taking printouts. 

Use the original power cable

Your HP printer won t turn on when you are using a third-party power cable. When the original power cords stop working, some users purchase a third-party cable for their HP printers. These cables are cheaper but can cause damage to the HP printer. Your printer not will not only show the power issues but can also get into other errors. Eject the third-party power cable from your HP printer. Get a new and original power cable for your HP printer. Connect the power cable to the printer and take the printouts reliably.

Scan your computer for malware

Some users reported that their device is showing power errors when they connect the printer to the PC. This type of issue occurs when the PC has some malware problems. Malware corrupts some functions that get the printer into error. To fix this error, you have to remove malware from your computer. Go to the computer and then run the Windows Defender. It is an inbuilt malware removal tool on Windows PC. If you have any personal security apps, run the app to remove all malware. After removing them, restart the PC. Now reconnect the printer to the PC. Send a print job and check for your HP printer error.

Restart HP printer services

HP printer will not turn on if its services are not working. These services get errors due to runtime issues on the printer. To fix these services, you need to restart them. For this, you have to perform a power restart. Disconnect the printer from the PC. Now remove the power cord and reconnect it after 10 seconds. Press the power button for about 5-6 seconds. All the printer services will start running from the beginning. Check the printer’s power lamp to assure that your printer is On. Now all the services of your HP printer will run from the beginning and the device will work without any error. 

Check the electrical wall outlet

Sometimes the user tries to find the error on the printer but the error is appearing due to the wall outlet. Remove the power cord from the wall outlet and then connect it to another device. Connect any high-voltage device like an electric iron. Check whether the device is working or not. If no device is working, your wall outlet is faulty. Use another electricity point for your HP printer. Many people try to plug the printer on UPS. Always connect the printer to the wall outlet. After using the working electrical wall outlet, the printer will start working.

Reset HP printer to factory settings

If the printer power is fluctuating, then try a factory reset. Many printer errors get resolved after a factory reset. But reset the HP printer to factory settings when you know the configuration steps. Many times, the user reset the printer to factory settings but then can’t configure it to the PC. If you know the configuration steps, reset the printer. 

  1. Go to your printer’s web page
  2. Enter the admin credentials to log in
  3. Go to the General tab
  4. Hit on Reset Factory Settings
  5. Tap on Reset 

Your HP printer will reset and start automatically. Now you have to set the date and time. After a factory reset, you also need to set a password. Provide a password to the HP printer and now connect it to your computer. While connecting, enter the correct printer password and now you can take the printouts. 

Check the printer fuser

My printer won’t turn on if the fuser is overheated. HP printer has a fuser that fuses the toner on the page. This fuser uses heat and pressure to fuse the tones. Due to this, the fuser gets overheated often. When a person takes lots of printouts simultaneously without any break; the fuser gets overheated and stops working. It won’t work until the fuser cools down. Go to the printer and check the fuser. If the fuser is overheated, wait for about 20 minutes until it cools down. Now when you restart the printer, it will start working. In case the fuser is completely burnt then you have to get a new fuser. Purchase a new fuser for your HP printer model and then take the printouts reliably.

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