How to Turn-Off Avast Automatic Renewal?

In the world of cyber-security; Avast is one of the most popular antivirus brands. Avast offers numerous advanced security features at very good prices. Avast is also known for providing reliable features on Avast freeware. But if we talk about Avast paid antivirus plans; those suites provide a good number of tools and services for protecting your device from harmful threats. Avast provides excellent security features such as powerful scan for protecting from malware, personal firewall for securing your network as well as VPN, data shredder, etc. for preventing data-theft practices.

When you get a paid version of Avast; you will get a year license. For the one year, Avast will secure your device from all online and offline danger. To ensure that your antivirus does not get out of service; Avast has an auto-renewal plan which self-deduct the amount from the approved PayPal account or credit card for renewing the Avast services.

This feature assures that your device didn’t have to face any kind of service interruption. Most of the people prefer using this service as they don’t want to go for the manual activation process every time. But some people don’t prefer this service due to many reasons. Some common reasons are like they are switching to another antivirus or they want to upgrade their Avast plan, etc. If you are one of them and searching help for How to Cancel Avast Automatic Renewal then here are some ways for you.

Cancel Avast Subscription with the help of Order Portal

  1. If you have used Digital River for buying Avast antivirus then you can easily cancel the automatic renewal plan. Follow the steps mentioned below:
  2. Open Digital River order portal
  3. Enter the order number and password
  4. You will be redirected to another page
  5. Now click on Find Order
  6. After finding the order; hit the Manage Subscription button
  7. In this page, search for Automatic renewals
  8. Toggle the automatic renewal button to Off
  9. Now hit the Disable button for confirmation.
  10. Once you complete this process; check whether the automatic renewal if canceled or not.

Avast Turn Off Auto Renewal from Avast Account

  1. You can also cancel your subscription plan directly from the Avast account.
  2. Click on Avast icon
  3. Avast Dashboard will appear on the screen
  4. Log in to your Avast account
  5. Now go to Licenses
  6. Click on Your Licenses
  8. Hit the Cancel Auto-Renewal button
  9. Click on Deactivate Auto-Renewal Subscription
  10. After confirmation, your Auto-Renewal feature will get disabled.

The other option for canceling the Avast Auto-Renewal is by getting help from Avast Service Portal

  1. Go to Avast Service Portal
  2. You will get a form for canceling the auto-renewal service
  3. Fill the form with your details
  4. Make sure you are using the same email with you used while purchasing Avast antivirus
  5. Now, wait for service response.

How to cancel Avast auto-renewal from an online account?

Many times the user removes the Avast antivirus setup from the device before cancelling the auto-renewal service. If the antivirus is not installed on the device, the user can cancel the auto-renewal service using the online account. Instead of reinstalling the Avast antivirus, you can cancel it using the Avast website. The user can access the Avast account from any system but he must have the correct Avast credentials for logging in to the account.

  1. Open the Avast website on the browser
  2. Choose the Account tab 
  3. Provide your Avast account credentials
  4. You will get your Avast profile
  5. Click on the subscription page
  6. The user will see all his Avast plans
  7. Click on the plan with auto-renewal
  8. Select the Cancel button

The Avast will show a confirmation wizard; select Yes. Reopen the subscription page and go to the Avast plan. It shows the expiry date of the antivirus. If the days are left for expiry then you can reinstall the setup and use the Avast program until expiry. Your Avast antivirus setup won’t renew automatically.

Cancelling Avast auto-renewal to get the refund

Your Avast antivirus offers the refund service on auto-renewal. If the user cancels the renewed subscription within a month, he can easily claim a refund. But the refund policy may change according to the plans. When your Avast antivirus setup gets auto-renewed but you are not using it then try claiming for the refund. But the user must cancel the Avast subscription within a month. 

  1. Open the Avast website and login into the account
  2. Click on the Profile button
  3. Select the Subscription tab
  4. Choose your Avast antivirus 
  5. Tap the Cancel button and the Refund wizard will appear
  6. Read the details and click on Confirm button

Once the user confirms the refund feature, his Avast antivirus plans expire. Now the user can only access the free tools of Avast antivirus. You can also check the Avast refund details on the registered email account. 

How to Cancel Avast auto-renewal from Android?

The desktop Avast plans can be cancelled from the online account but for Android, you can use the Play Store. On Android devices, you can install the Avast setup only from the store. All the details of your every application are available on the Play Store. If your Avast auto-renewal is enabled for Android OS but you don’t have the app then use the Play Store.

  1. Open the Play Store on the phone
  2. Click on the Profile 
  3. Choose Payments and Subscription option
  4. Select Subscriptions page
  5. The user can see all the subscribed applications
  6. Select Avast antivirus
  7. Now choose the Cancel button

After cancelling the Avast antivirus, it shows the expiry date. The user can run the premium Avast tool till the provided date. After the expiry, the plan won’t be renewed without your concern. 

How can I cancel auto-renewal on an iOS device?

iOS users barely install any security program and the interface is strong enough to prevent malware. But when you use the phone for crucial tasks like banking etc. then installing antivirus helps in preventing phishing and other threats. Avast is a good antivirus for iOS devices. You can find the Avast on the App Store. If your Avast program is under auto-renewal; you should cancel it. For making the changes on your Avast subscription, you can use the App Store.

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS
  2. Choose Profile icon and go to Subscription
  3. Select the Avast from the apps list
  4. Tap on the Cancel button

Now the Avast antivirus auto-renewal will get cancelled. Open the Avast app and tap on its subscription window. It shows the expiry date of the current Avast subscription. Run the application to date and then you can either remove the application or renew the subscription manually.

Can I renew the Avast antivirus manually?

When you cancel the auto-renewal, the plan won’t auto-renew after the expiry. But the manual renewal process is still available. In future, whenever you require the Avast program, you can directly renew the subscription. He can directly open the Avast account and renew the subscription. Go to the Avast plan and hit the Renew button. You will get certain renewal plans; select the plan and renew the Avast antivirus manually.

Say, if you forget to cancel the Auto-Renewal service and seeking help for How to Cancel Avast Subscription then contact Avast and get professional help for canceling Avast Auto-Renewal Service. You can also apply for the Avast Refund within 30 days only.

How to Cancel and Refund Avast Subscription Plan?

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