How to Troubleshoot Error 400 Not Found Gmail?

Gmail is the most popular email service. Most of the people love the simple interface of this email service. You can easily send and receive emails, attachments with images, files, videos, etc. Gmail provides a robust service but still, you may find some errors from time to time. One of the common Gmail errors is Gmail Error 400. If you are using multiple Gmail account together in the web browser then you may have to face Google error 400. One of the main reasons for getting this error can be stored on cookies. The other possible reason can be browser error, slow internet speed, excessive junk, etc.

How to fix Gmail 400 Bad Request?

The main reason for this error is “Gmail_imp” files. These files are stored as cookies. If you want to fix this error then you have to delete these files from your browser.

Follow the mentioned steps to fix cannot access Gmail from Chrome error:

  1. Open your Chrome browser
  2. Right-click on the screen
  3. Click on inspect
  4. Click on resources
  5. Go to the left side of the screen and hit the cookies button
  6. Choose cookies
  7. Now right-click on the Gmail_imp files
  8. Hit the delete button
  9. Chose the window
  10. Refresh your page
  11. Now delete all the cookies from your chrome browser
  12. Go to Settings (three vertical dots on right side of the page)
  13. Choose to show the advanced setting option
  14. Hit the privacy button
  15. Click on Content settings
  16. Click on cookies
  17. Delete all cookies from your web browser
  18. Refresh your page
  19. Now try to open your Gmail account.

If you are still facing the same error and thinking that why Gmail is not opening in Chrome then there might be other reasons for this error. While sending any Gmail attachment; don’t forget to check the size. You can only send the attachment up to 25 MB. If the file size is more than 25 MB then you may encounter with Google Error 400.

Some people also experienced this error due to corrupt system files. Restoring the corrupt files can helpful for fixing this error.

Follow the given steps for restoring system files:

  1. Open your device
  2. Go to the Start menu
  3. Type command in the search bar
  4. Press ctrl-shift keys simultaneously from the keyboard
  5. Press the Enter button from the Keyboard
  6. A permission dialog box will appear on the desktop screen
  7. Click on Yes button
  8. You will get a command prompt on your screen
  9. Type sfc/scan now
  10. Click on Enter button
  11. The system file checker will scan your device and fix all the broken registry files.

Now restart your device and then try to log in your Gmail. The other potential option for fixing this error is providing a powerful scan to your device. There are possibilities that malware may restrict the Gmail for connecting the server. With antivirus scan, the malware will be washed out from your device.

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