How to Setup Brother Wireless Printer with your Laptop?

If you want to connect any wireless device in your computer or laptop then your computer must have a wireless card. If you are trying to connect the printer with your laptop then your printer should also wireless communication compatibility. Today about all latest printers are wireless compatibility so you don’t need to use an external card for this purpose but if you are older printer model then you may have to use an external wireless connection card.

If we talk about Brother Printer then using wireless connection is easy because almost every latest Brother printer has wireless connection compatibility. You can easily connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi and can take prints. Brother Printers use the secure channel and you can only make print when you have printer administrating. The printer may need a few minutes for setting the connection but once the connection gets the setup you can easily take printouts. One of the top merits of using Brother Wireless Printer Setup is that now you easily make prints from various devices just by sending the print jobs. You don’t have to carry your device or printer; just give the command and get the printout easily.

How to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi?

If you want to setup Brother Printer Wi-Fi connection then firstly you have to find of the wireless network setting of the router or internet access point. Then you have to check the Brother Printer Wi-Fi Setup for connecting to the router. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Turn on your Brother Printer
  2. Hit the menu button from Machine’s Control Panel
  3. From the menu button; choose Network and click on OK button
  4. Now click WLAN and hit the OK button
  5. Click on Setup Wizard
  6. Tap OK button
  7. You will get “WLAN Enable?” on the screen
  8. Hit the Yes button
  9. The device will take some time for searching the available networks
  10. When you get the list of networks then choose the router’s name you want to connect
  11. Now, you have two options; either you can create a password so nobody can use the printer without authentication or you can choose Open System so everyone can use it.
    Finally, install the driver in your device and then restart your device. Now give a print command from your device and check whether your Brother Printer gets correctly configured or not.

If you are facing any kind of error while using wireless printer then firstly you should check whether your device is compatible with the printer or not. Today most of the device works well with wireless peripheral devices. The other cause can be an issue in the connectivity. Make sure your router is in working condition. After completing the configuration; try to take a printout, Brother Printer provides various ranges of printers. You can get a laser printer, multi-functional printer, as well as PocketJet printers too. These printers work reliably and robustly. If you are seeking any kind of help the contact Brother and troubleshoot your issues easily.

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