How to Fix Pogo Games not Loading Error?

Everyone loves Pogo games. Whenever you need something for killing time; Pogo games are there for you. Pogo provides more than a hundred games for free! But what if you find issues while playing Pogo games? That can be so heart broking. Well, you can easily fix Pogo games errors if you know the cause.

Here are some causes which can lead to Pogo games error:

Your RAM size

If your device has less RAM then you may face issues while loading Pogo games. If you want to play Pogo games then your device should have a minimum of 2 GB RAM. Upgrading your RAM may fix your Pogo Games Not Loading Google Chrome error.

Java Error

You can also get issues with Pogo games due to error in your Java application. You can fix this error by installing the latest version of Java in your device.

  1. Hit Windows Key and R button simultaneously
  2. A dialog box will appear on your device
  3. Type appwix.cpl
  4. Uninstall JAVA
  5. Now download a fresh version of Java
  6. Wait for completing the installation process
  7. After full installation, restart your browser
  8. Try to load Pogo games. If you are getting Pogo Games Not Loading Windows 10 error then try loading the game on another OS.

Internet Browser is not supporting

As you know Pogo games run of Flash or Java; if your browser is not supporting these entities then you can’t be able to play these games. For this situation, you can try other internet browsers.

Junk Files

Too much junk files and cache can also create a certain situation. Junk files and old cookies can create issues like frequent crashes and freezes. If you are facing that kind of errors then you should remove junk files from your device. You can use the Disk Cleanup tool for this job.

  1. Hit the Start menu
  2. Type command
  3. Press Ctrl and Shift Keys simultaneously and hit the Enter button
  4. You will get a dialog box on your screen
  5. Tap the Yes button
  6. You will get a command prompt on your screen
  7. Type cleanmgr
  8. Press Enter button
  9. The disk cleanup tool will start calculating the occupied space
  10. You will get a list of items
  11. Choose the items from the list you want to delete; make sure you are choosing temporary files
  12. Not hit the OK button
  13. Now go to your browser and remove all browser history, cache, and cookies. Restart your web browser and try to load Pogo games. If you are getting Pogo Games Not Loading Firefox then you should try to find another solution.

Your firewall is blocking Pogo games

It might be possible that the firewall of your antivirus is blocking the Pogo games. Sometimes, the firewall misunderstood the URL as suspicious and makes it unable to reach. Disable your antivirus temporarily and then try to access Pogo games. If you are facing the same situation that Pogo games Not Loading on Mac then enable the firewall and try to get professional help.

Device incompatibility

Before loading Pogo game; ensure that the device you are using is compatible with Pogo games. There are certain gadgets which do not support Pogo games due to OS issue or screen resolution.

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