How to Fix Malwarebytes Unable to Connect the Service Error?

Malwarebytes is a top antivirus product that is globally known for offering top security features. With Malwarebytes, you can easily secure your device, data as well your network from all the harmful malware lurking around you. This antivirus is also famous for providing a very robust service. But like software, you may face a few errors while using Malwarebytes. One of the most common errors is Malwarebytes Unable to Start. This problem usually occurs when there is some kind of issue in program files. Sometimes the user deletes the files associated with Malwarebytes mistakenly which results in this kind of error. This error can also occur when you are facing disk space issues. Low disk space often gets you into this kind of problem.

How to Fix Malwarebytes?

Another issue which you may face from time to time is Malwarebytes unable to connect the server. If you are facing the same error then try the given solutions.

Solution 1: Alter Malwarebytes Service Startup

  1. Press Windows key and R key simultaneously for run bar
  2. Enter services.msc
  3. Search for Malwarebytes service-related entry
  4. Right-click on the Malwarebytes service entry
  5. Click on Properties
  6. Now change the mode for a startup to Automatic.
  7. Now try to use Malwarebytes

If you are facing the same error then try rebooting your device.

Solution 2: Reinstalling Malwarebytes

If the error is occurring due to corrupted or deleted program files then reinstalling Malwarebytes can be very helpful.

i. Open your device
ii. Go to the Start menu
iii. Click on Control Panel
iv. Choose Programs
v. Click on Programs and Features
vi. Now search Where is Malwarebytes Located
vii. Right on Malwarebytes and choose to uninstall
viii. Ensure that you have uninstalled and deleted all files associated with Malwarebytes
ix. Now provide a fresh installation of Malwarebytes in your device
x. After completing the installation process restart your device
xi. Now try to open Malwarebytes antivirus

Solution 3: Undo the recent changes

Malwarebytes unable to open error can also occur due to some kind of recent changes in your device. If this is the root cause then restoring your device can help fix the error.

  1. Steps to system restore in Windows
  2. Go to start menu
  3. Type system restore in the search bar
  4. Press Enter button
  5. Tap the System Restore button
  6. Now you have to enter your admin credentials for confirmation
  7. Now you will get the on-screen instruction
  8. Follow the on-screen instruction
  9. Now pick the restore point
  10. Click on restore computer
  11. Restart your device
  12. Check whether the problem is gets fixed or not

Solution 4: Update to the latest version

Outdated versions are prone to errors. If you are using an outdated version then quickly find What is the latest version of Malwarebytes and install it. Installing the latest version will fix your error as well as provides new features of Malwarebytes.

Repairing the registry entries can also help for fixing various Malwarebytes antivirus errors. Once Malwarebytes antivirus error gets fixed; provide a powerful system scan and protect your device from all kinds of malware.

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