How to Fix AOL Email Problems on Android?

AOL or American Online is an online service provider headquartered in New York City. AOL offers client mailing services to the users. AOL is well-known for providing good emailing services as you can easily access your email account from anywhere. AOL provides Smartphone compatibility which makes it more favorable as carrying your mobile devices is easier than carrying than other devices. But some people reported that AOL Mail on Android not working. There can be various causes that can lead to AOL Server Unavailable errors. But most of the errors can be easily fixed by using simple solutions.

Here are some quick-fix solutions for Problems with AOL Mail on Android:

Issues in receiving email

Many people reported they can log in to their AOL® account and can read their old emails but unable to receive new emails. Here are some basic methods which may troubleshoot your issue:

Check the filter

Your email filter may be sending the mail directly to the trash or spam column instead of the inbox. Check the filter which you have used for the incoming emails.

Check your spam folder

Sometimes the filter mistakenly sends the email to the spam folder. Check the emails on the spam folder. Mark all the emails as “not spam” which are reliable and important. For the next time, emails for those addresses will be directly sent to your inbox.

  1. Log in AOL account
  2. Go to the Spam folder
  3. Search and select the messages which aren’t spam
  4. Mark those emails as “Not Spam”
  5. Delivery delay

In some cases, the messages show sent status but due to some mail server issues or heavy traffic; the message takes time to receive. The best possible way for this error is to ask the sender for resending the email.

Issues in viewing images

Here are some potential solutions for AOL Mail Not Loading error:

Check the attachments

Most of the people prefer sending an image as an attachment. If you want to view the image then you have to download the attachment for viewing the image.

Remove browser’s cache

Cookies are very helpful while loading the website. Once the cookies get stored you can easily access the website in no time. But sometimes browser cache files create loading errors. Cleanout all cache files from the browser and then tries to view the image.

Missing emails

You may get into missing emails error due to wrong AOL Mail Android Settings. The very first thing to do is to check your emails on other folders. If that’s not the case then it means AOL Mail not working properly. Check the setting of your email whether it is properly configured or not.

Unable to read or retrieve mail

If you are facing this error then you should read the mail on AOL Basic Mail. This keeps the layout simple and makes it easier to access. Try opening your account on other OS. Some people also reported that AOL® not working with MAC Mail. This error can be fixed by toggling some settings.

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