How to Deactivate McAfee Temporarily on your Device?

McAfee is a well-known American IT security company which is famous for providing various top-class security software programs for business as well as home users. McAfee provides security features from the desktop device to your Smartphone. It provides top tools which can protect not only your device but your data and network also. Whenever a virus or any kind of malware tries to enter in your device; the power virus detection tool of McAfee antivirus blocks it.

This antivirus also provides peripheral device scanning which means if you connect any peripheral devices such as flash drives in your system; McAfee scans it before opening the file. With this feature, your device will be protected from virus infection. For the network protection; McAfee offers a personal firewall which actively monitors the whole traffic of your network. Whenever any malicious threat attempts to enter in the network; the firewall blocks it and protects your network. If you search for a URL which seems suspicious; your firewall will block it. But this feature can be a problem when you want to access a website but your antivirus is blocking it. At that time you can access the website by deactivating McAfee. But you ever wonder how to temporarily disable McAfee? Well, it’s not rocket science. Just a few steps and you can access the website.

Your website blocks the website which seems malicious such as the website which provides free movies and series download. These kinds of website can be highly malicious. But if you want to watch your favorite for free then you have to take the risk.

How do I turn off McAfee temporarily?

  1. For Windows device
  2. Open your device
  3. Go to the Start menu
  4. Search for McAfee
  5. Click on McAfee Total Protection
  6. McAfee dashboard will appear on the screen
  7. Go to the PC security tab
  8. Choose Real-time Scanning
  9. Toggle the button to off
  10. Select the time limit
  11. Tap the Off button

Your McAfee antivirus will get disabled for the time you have chosen. After that period, your antivirus will automatically get enable which means you don’t have to manually enable it. But in case you want to know how to disable McAfee Windows 10 until you don’t want to enable it then you have to choose never an option. With this feature, your antivirus will only get turned on when you enable it manually.

How to turn off McAfee firewall?

  1. Open your McAfee dashboard
  2. Go to firewall
  3. Hit the turn off button
  4. Select the time-limit
  5. If you don’t want to let firewall enables automatically then click on never button.

How to disable McAfee automatic updates?

  1. Open McAfee dashboard
  2. Click on Automatic updates
  3. Hit the turn off button
  4. Click on the back button
  5. Go to Scheduled scan option
  6. Now click on Turn off button

After following all these steps, now go to your web browser and try to access the website you want to open. After you complete your work; make sure to enable your antivirus. Disabling the antivirus can be dangerous for your device.

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