How to Connect Canon MG3600 Printer to Wi-Fi in the Computer?

For printers, Canon is one of the famous names for the printer device. Canon is a Japanese company which is globally famous for providing top imaging and medical equipment. Canon manufactures printers, cameras, photocopier, camcorders, medical equipment, steppers, etc. Canon provides quality devices at good prices. If we talk about printers only; you will get a good number of varieties. Canon offers printers for big business industries to small users. Canon provides laser printers, inkjet printers, DMP, IVY pocket printer, multifunctional printer, etc. These printers offer lots of facilities such as good printing speed, smooth printing, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, etc.

Steps for Canon MG3600 connect to Wi-Fi

Canon MG3600 is a high-quality printer which provides maximum portability which excellent performance. This printer is designed in such a way that you can save good space in your desk. You can place it anywhere and with advanced wireless technology you can take a print out from the various device. Canon MG3600 Printer Setup is compatible with various OS devices such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista SP2, Mac version 10.7.5 to version 10.10. If you have a device other than this then you can use this printer with a USB cable.

How to connect your Canon MG3600 Printer to Wi-Fi in the Computer

Follow the steps for Canon MG 3600 Connect to computer

  1. Standard Connection Method
  2. Hit the Start Setup button in the initial screen display
  3. The program will check for the driver update
  4. If the driver is outdated, the driver will get updated automatically
  5. Wait to complete the updating process
  6. Choose your country
  7. Hit the Next button
  8. You will get a Terms and License button
  9. Read the license carefully and then hit the Accept and agree on button
  10. A dialog box will appear asking for installing the Wizard Process
  11. Tap the Next button
  12. Choose Wireless LAN connection
  13. Hit the Next button
  14. Ensure that your Canon MG3600 Wi-Fi printer is turned on
  15. Tap the Next button
  16. A setup page will appear
  17. Read the setup carefully and then follow the on-screen commands
  18. Wait until Canon MG3600 Setup gets discovered
  19. Once installed; click on Next button
  20. After completing the setup; hit the Exit button

With the steps mentioned about you can easily set up a wireless connection in your printer. But in case if you are unable to set up the connection then try establishing a connection with WPS method:

  1. Ensure that your printer is on
  2. Toggle your WPS button to on to access the wireless router
  3. Press the Wi-Fi button and hold it until the flashlight lamps up
  4. Now press the Black button
  5. Press the Wi-Fi button
  6. Ensure that the Wi-Fi lamp gets on quickly and then hit the WPS button instantly
  7. The printer will start flashing blue light
  8. At connection, Wi-Fi light and the power light will continue flashing but when the Canon MG3600 Wireless Setup gets complete; the light will become continuous

Getting Error in connecting Canon Printer to PC?

The Canon printer is a reliable device but still many users face few issues while connecting to the PC. The error on Canon mg3600 setup can appear due to the faulty cable or driver. But there can be many different reasons behind the connectivity error.

Inspect your router

For connecting the Canon printer via a network; make sure your router has a physical WPS button. Restart your Canon printer and press the Wi-Fi button. The lamp next to the Wi-Fi button will start blinking green. Once the printer finds the network; the lamp will become steady. Now go to the PC and find the printer on the network. Make sure you have connected the printer to the same network. Once you find the printer, give the print command and check whether your printer is working or not.

Check your USB cable

If you have connected your Canon printer to the computer via cable then check whether the cable is properly connected or not. The error can appear when the user is trying to connect the PC with a loose cable. Take out the cable from your printer and insert it again. If the printer is still not connecting then try to connect another device (phone) with the cable. If no device is connecting with your cable that means you are using a fault cable. Purchase a high-speed cable for connecting your Canon printer to the PC.

Check the Canon printer driver

Your printer will start showing you an error when the driver gets outdated or corrupted. If your printer is showing an error while connecting the inspect your printer driver. Go to your Canon printer driver and click on the Update button. If the new update for your driver is available then install it immediately. When you are getting the error due to the corrupted driver then you need to repair the corrupted driver files. But finding the corrupted driver files and then repairing them manually is difficult. Without technical knowledge, you can’t repair the driver. You can install the driver repair tool on your device. A repair tool can repair all the corrupted drivers on your system. Open your web browser and search for a compatible driver repair tool. Download and install the tool on your device and the corrupted Canon driver files will get repaired. Now restart the device to apply the driver changes and try to connect the printer. Instead of using the driver repair tool, you can directly reinstall the printer driver from the Canon website and then check for the error.

Run a printer troubleshooter

Your printer can show an error in connecting to the PC due to some issues with the printer settings. Running the printer troubleshooter will fix the printer related errors. You can follow the given steps for running the printer troubleshooter on Windows 10 PC:

  1. Go to Windows 10 device
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Tap the Devices button
  4. Choose Printers and Scanner
  5. Click on Printer and go to the Manage button

Hit the Run Troubleshooter button and the troubleshooter will start searching for printer related errors. Wait for some time and you will get the printer troubleshooter result page. Check whether your error gets fixed or not. If your Canon printer is still showing you the connectivity error then contact the Canon technical team for help.

After setting up the connection, try to take a print from your Canon MG3600 printer. But if the connection is yet not established then you should ask for technical support.

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